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The Kitchen Car Times

introducing high-quality food truck restaurants and takeout stores.



4月 14, 2023








The Kitchencar Times has begun.

The Kitchencar Times has begun.
We will gradually introduce a variety of Kitchencar (= food truck) restaurants and takeout stores that are clean, tasty, and enjoyable. And We will write about spots where you can enjoy lunches and dinners that will enrich your mind and body a little more than today, with the eyes of ordinary citizens and users.
We will introduce options that will enrich your holiday and eating, even if they are only a little.

Some say
“I’ve never seen a food truck in my neighborhood.”
“I would like to use a food truck, but I don’t know how to use it.”
“Should I bring plates and bowls?”
We imagine many people have no experience with food trucks. And They have given up looking at them from a distance because they are a bit intimidating.
For such people, we will introduce information on how to use them conveniently and smartly, as well as information that will help you prepare not to be nervous in front of them.

We will write articles to convey the social significance and usefulness of food trucks in this new era of new epidemics, as well as the richness and entertainment value of using them. We also strongly hope that our articles will support the owners of food truck restaurants and takeout stores.
The Kitchen Car Times may be a tiny movement. But we hope our articles will provide opportunities for people to receive extra prices and have “thank you” emotions.

We are a non-profit organization, and we do not receive any advertising fees. We do not intend to take any advantage. We hope you will take a long-term view of us tolerantly and that we will have a long-lasting relationship with you.
Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the restaurants that have given us permission on this website, and to everyone who has contributed to this site.

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