• 2024-06-22 2:48 PM

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introducing high-quality food truck restaurants and takeout stores.











The stores introduced on this site are.

The stores introduced on this site are foodtruck restaurants and takeout stores that the editor has confirmed to have actually taken sufficient measures against the new infectious diseases.

In addition to measures against new infectious diseases, We have only listed restaurants and stores that we have directly confirmed the following as common sense before that.

The store has compliance with laws and regulations.

The store has a clear guidance to get to the bussiness place without any problem at least one day in advance.
The store has a clear guidance of business hours at least one day in advance, or has a clear notice of opening and closing on the bussiness day.
The store has a telephone number or other information to confirm that the restaurant is open for business.

The store has other transmissions to confirm without some SNS (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) that lead to the member registration screen.
The store has notice not to leave old and erroneous information on the Internet that it has established long ago, but updates them according to the reality.
The store has established interactive online tools, and responds to inquiries and comments within 24 business hours.
The store responds to inquiries and direct messages within 24 business hours through the interactive online tools established by the store.

The store uses non-woven masks or have a distance of at least 1 meter from customers and holds enough ensure sufficient ventilation.
The store has available alcohol sanitizer in the store.
The store has scientific and common sense concept of hygiene and sanitation.

The store is not mainly a broker of the storefront, not a food-truck builder, or not a consulting company.

That concludes our explanation of this matter.